Comprehension Questions

The Kiterunner, Ch. 1
1. What did the narrator mean when he said that it’s wrong what they say about the past?
2. Where is the narrator at the time of the story?
3. What takes the narrator back into the past?
4. What reminded the narrator of Hassan?
The Kiterunner, Ch. 2
1. How does the narrator remember Hassan? How does he describe him?
2. What did the boys do to annoy the neighbors?
3. What did Ali tell the boys about mirrors?
4. How did Hassan demonstrate his loyalty to the narrator?
5. Who is Baba?
6. How was their house the prettiest?
7. What was the smoking room used for?
8. What do we know about the family from the framed family pictures?
9. Where did Hassan live? How was his house?
10. What happened to the boys’ mothers?
11. What happened one day when the boys were taking a short cut to the go to the movies?
12. How were Ali & Sanaubar not suited for each other?
13. What did the older kids say to Ali?
14. What did the history book say about the Hazara?
15. How did people explain the marriage?
16. What was the kinship between the two boys – Hassan and Amir?
The Kiterunner, Ch. 3
1. What is laaf?
2. How did Baba get the nickname Toophan agha? What did it mean? Who gave it to him? Why?
3. What public service project did Baba successfully complete?
4. Why did Amir tell Baba that Hassan had diarrhea?
5. What happened at the dedication of the orphanage?
6. What did Baba seem to have to do throughout his life?
7. What did the Mullah Fatiullah Khan teach the school boys? What did Baba have to say about the Mullah’s lessons?
8. What was the greatest sin, according to Baba?
9. What had happened to Baba’s father?
10. Why did Amir always feel that his own father hated him a little?
11. What was the game Sherjangi? Why was this game so important to Amir?
12. How was Amir a disappointment for Baba?
13. What is Buzkashi and what was Amir’s reaction?
14. How does Rahim Khan defend Amir?
15. How does Amir say that Rahim Khan had misjudged him?
The Kiterunner, Ch. 4
16. What was Ali’s childhood story?
17. Why didn’t Baba consider Ali a friend or Amir consider Hassan as his friend?
18. What are some things that Amir and Hassan did together?
19. Why was Hassan fated to be illiterate?
20. How did Amir tease Hassan?
21. What was Hassan’s favorite book?
22. What was another way that Amir tricked Hassan?
23. What did Hassan’s reaction inspire Amir to do? What was Baba’s reaction?
The Kiterunner, Ch. 5
1. As Amir and Hassan were talking about Amir’s story, what interrupted them?
2. When Baba arrived what news did he bring with him?
3. What happened on July 17, 1973?
4. What was Hassan worried about?
5. Where were the boys going to escape from the whole situation?
6. Who hit Hassan on the way to the tree? What was this character like?
7. What was Assef going to do to Hassan?
8. How did Hassan manage to outsmart Assef?
9. What do we suspect will happen later in the book after this confrontation?
10. What was Baba’s birthday gift to Hassan that year?
The Kiterunner, ch. 6
1. What was winter the favorite season?
2. Why was the kite season particularly fun for Amir?
3. What was the kite-fighting tournament?
4. What was the boys’ response to the Hindi kid who taunted the Afghan children about following rules?
5. What happened when the kite was cut?
6. Who was the best kiterunner?
7. What challenge did Amir give Hassan one day about eating dirt?’
8. When Amir and Hassan were playing cards what do we see in their relationship with each other?
The Kiterunner, ch. 7
1. What was Hassan’s dream? How did Amir respond to it?
2. What did Hassan say to Amir later just before the tournament about the dream?
3. What happens in this tournament
4. Who runs to get Amir’s kite?
5. How does Amir locate Hassan?
6. When Amir comes to an alley beyond the market, what does he hear and see?
7. What did Assef demand from Hassan? When Hassan refused how did Assef torture him?
8. What did Assef finally do to Hassan and what made him do it?
9. Why do we have such little respect for Amir after this